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About Elsa Gardner

The right beginnings

It all began with a hobby, a love for flowers and plants. Elsa began her career in house plant care and interior plant design working in an exclusive Beverly Hills florist, attending to interior plant services for estate homes. In time, select clientele and celebrities asked her to exclusively take over their interior plant maintenance and interior landscaping needs. Elsa’s sincerity, reliability and dedication towards always wanting to be the very best became increasingly recognized.

+30 years later

Elsa has several clients who have who have continuously used her interior landscape and plant service for more than 25 years. She has avoided temptations of “becoming big”, preferring to remain as a small family owned interior plantscaping business and doing what she loves best, achieving a “one on one” personal relationship with customers by talking through the options to customize any environment, then maintaining and overseeing indoor plant maintenance on a personalized level. Elsa’s outgoing and positive personality is highly valued by everyone who does business with her.

Small is best

Unlike large companies, Elsa’s small family business provides these key advantages:

  • Everything overseen on an exclusive and personal basis
  • Needs handled when they arise, not “later”
  • Avoidance of miscommunication over preferences

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