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Plant Design

The Process

  • For new interior plant design installations, an appointment is set up and the interior landscape environment carefully evaluated. Preferences are discussed and any special challenges identified, for example, lighting or iconic features to enhance but not dominate the interior ambiance.
  • Location of suitable interior landscaping materials involves a lengthy shopping process to seek unique, exotic and vibrant species, together with suitable containers.
  • An interior design proposal is submitted for approval prior to the purchase of materials and installation. This includes images of specimen trees and containers, the locations within rooms, or courtyard and patio, and pricing.


Elsa’s approach to pricing is to achieve the best value possible. Her key focus, first and foremost, is on locating the very best material for the design need. The cost of such materials is then provided at most competitive retail pricing.

Flowering arrangements

To accent interior design decor and style, selections are made from a wide variety of flowering plants, such as orchids, bromeliads and many other potted flowering plants suitable for indoors, patio or courtyard. Elsa also partners with a leading florist for cut flower arrangements that may be desired for any special occasion.


Elegant holiday and other seasonal interior landscape plants are provided for special occasions.

Partnering with interior designers

Elsa works directly with her customers, but this sometimes also involves working with interior decorators or home or office designers. Elsa fully appreciates the importance of such affiliations, where plant design has the purpose of carefully augmenting interior furniture and room design to create a beautiful living ambiance in a partnership to achieve unsurpassed excellence.

Exterior landscaping

Elsa has a preference for staying with interior plant design, however, established clients often hire Elsa to oversee an exterior landscape design project, teaming up with existing staff or a trusted landscape installation company.

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